About Me

My name is Anthony, I'm a senior software engineer with experience working across the entire tech stack; from full-stack web development on modern platforms, to bare-metal development, and embedded systems.

I have significant experience developing enterprise applications in the fintech sector. Including integration with payment processors, and cloud platform providers such as AWS. I have experience developing, and deploying monolithic, serverless, and microservice-based applications to these platforms.

I have a passion for technical writing, and good documentation. I enjoy writing articles for my technical blog on a variety of software engineering related subjects, as well as being a contributor of tutorial material to the Operating System development wiki at osdev.org.

I love receiving comments on my articles, so if you have anything to say feel free to reach out. Feel free to get in touch regarding your own projects, I'm particularly interested in reverse-engineering musical equipment, and I'm always eager to lend a hand.

My CV is available upon request.